Blocked drains are one of the most common and frustrating household plumbing problems.

Each year we attend to thousands of blocked drains. Each blocked drain we attend is completely different, including what has caused the blocked drain and how we rectify it.

We generally get a phone call saying “my drains are blocked” or “my toilet overflows when flushed”. Sometimes we even get a phone call saying “I have sewerage overflowing in my rear yard”.

Because there are two types of drainage that operate on your property, the sewerage and stormwater, it’s really easy to identify which one is blocked.

When your toilet overflows or sinks gurgle, it is a sewerage blockage. If you notice that your downpipes get blocked during heavy rains it’s generally a storm water blockage.

When your toilet is blocked, sinks gurgling and sewerage overflowing in your rear yard it becomes a matter of urgency and a plumber is needed ASAP to help clear it.

Blocked drains can be caused by several different issues. These can be:

1.Excessive use of toilet paper being flushed down drains

2.Grease and fat being poured into drains

3.A build up of hair in drains

4.Foreign objects such as toilet freshers, sanitary products and kids toys flushed down drains

5.Toilet wipes flushed down the drain

6.A build up of tree roots in the drain

7.Broken or collapsed drain

Did you know that toilet wipes are NOT flushable? According to Australia’s water service providers, who are spending an estimated $15 million a year, and growing, to clear blockages they say are largely caused by wet wipes.

Each job we attend is completely different and some more complex than others. Generally, blockages take around an hour to investigate and clear although some can take many more hours and replacing sections of the drain is the only option to a long term solution.

We have all the necessary equipment required to complete the job including using a drain camera where we are able to see inside the drains. This allows us to see if there is any damage to the drains. If we notice that the drains are cracked or broken, digging up this section will provide a long term solution and clear flowing drains.

Tree roots are a very common cause of blocked drains. Tree roots enter small cracks in the drains and over time grow longer and stronger, restricting the flow of water and sewerage through the drains.

Some tree roots we have pulled out of drains have been several meters in length!

So how can you prevent a blocked drain happening to you?

Here are some suggestions:

1.Don’t pour any fats or grease down the drain.

2.Refrain from using “flushable” toilet wipes ­ they are not flushable and do not decompose.

3.Have your drains checked and cleared at least once a year to keep them in optimal flowing condition.

4.Replace any section of drainage that is cracked or damaged to ensure tree roots are kept out for good.

5.Call a plumber as soon as drains become an issue.