Problem & Blocked Drains

If your drain is blocked, you need a drain repair fast.

There’s no need to struggle through the messy and time-consuming inconvenience of the blocked drain. Our experts are just a phone call away, 24/7, and they’ll show up at your home with the equipment to deal with nearly all blocked drains.

We Can Solve Most General And Emergency Drain Repairs On The Spot

In most calls, we can quickly and efficiently provide a simple drain repair by dealing with the blockage. Sometimes, a drain repair might require more, and our experts will quickly identify if that’s the situation, and then they’ll give you the information you need to make a decision about the repair.


If it’s not a temporary blockage, the problem might be bigger – such as a more significant blockage or perhaps a drain collapse or a tree root.

Our experts have the equipment necessary, including a CCTV drain camera, to identify the situation and outline possible solutions for you.

Common Drain Blockages

  • Tree Roots. This is the most common cause of blocked drains in Melbourne and will regrow into a cracked pipe or broken joint every 1-12 months.
  • Broken Pipe. The rough edge of a broken pipe can catch waste material causing blocked drains in Melbourne until it is repaired.
  • New Obstruction. New Obstruction. Toilet fresheners, children’s toys and sanitary napkins can be the cause of a drain blockage.
  • Moved Obstruction. An obstruction in the drain can cause blocked drains in Melbourne and can be released only to be jammed again further downstream causing another blockage days later.
  • Secondary Blockage. Roots entering an area of the drain where it has previously not been cleaned through with a sewer machine.

Whether your drain is blocked with a temporary blockage or something more serious – it’s hard for you to assess without professional tools. So when your drains no longer drain the way they’re supposed to, your very first call should be to PlumberAssist on 1300 390 045. We’ll get our expert to your house right away (or at a time of your choosing) and we’ll take care of the situation fast.

Contact PlumberAssist on 1300 390 045 to deal with your blocked drain. Our experts are on call 24/7 and can help you immediately so call 1300 390 045 now and we’ll send over our expert right away.

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