CCTV Inspections

When your drain is blocked, you don’t care what the problem is, you just want it fixed.

However, after 20 years of clearing blocked drains, we can tell you with certainty that the type of blockage matters. For example:

Food clogs can be broken up and flushed out of the system.

  • Children’s toys and sanitary napkins need to be extracted rather than pushed through the system, and they definitely won’t break up if you use those store-bought drain clearing chemicals.
  • Tree roots require a special tool to clear the root.
  • A collapsed drain pipe can’t be cleared but must be repaired or replaced.


That’s where our CCTV inspections come in. We use state-of-the-art tools that allow us to see into your drain to assess the situation so we can create a solution to deal with it.

This method is faster, cleaner, and safer than how most people deal with blocked drains.

All of our experts have a CCTV drain camera in their vehicle to use when your drain is blocked.

Don’t try to deal with the messy and frustrating blocked drain yourself. You’ll just waste time and energy. Call our experts and we’ll show up with our CCTV drain camera to solve your blocked drain quickly.

Contact PlumberAssist on 1300 390 045 to deal with your blocked drain. Our experts are on call 24/7 and can help you immediately so call 1300 390 045 now and we’ll send over our expert right away.

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